I first came to Dr. Crespo for an evaluation in February 2015. I have had off and on back pain for many years and would generally see a chiropractor for an adjustment which would take care of the pain after one to two adjustments. In September 2014 my back pain took a turn for the worse. My back pain that usually lasted a few days did not improve and my function and quality of life took a turn for the worse with it. I was a pretty highly active individual in cycling and even did racing in a discipline called cyclocross and riding my bike was no longer able to be comfortably done.
I am a Physician Assistant and ultimately had a colleague order an MRI for me as I suspected I might have some disc problems. Unfortunately, and in some ways fortunately, the MRI confirmed my suspicions. I spoke with a chiropractic colleague and he told me about VAX-D and recommended I meet with Dr. Crespo. I did not, and still do not, have any interest in pursuing surgical options due to my lack of faith in long term outcomes. After researching VAX-D a little I decided to meet Dr. Crespo.
When a colleague recommends another clinician to me that tells me that the doctor has the faith of his other doctors and I could tell right away that Dr. Crespo would be a good choice. Dr. Crespo explained the procedure and how it worked down to the level it would be treating and how the treatment could benefit patients like me.
After a couple weeks of treatment I could notice a change in how I felt. I began to regain function as my pain continued to abate. After a few months I began riding my bike again and also had the energy to begin being more active with my kids. The important thing I have understood from the start is that there is no cure for my ailment and though I have completed my initial course of treatment and will continue to seek supportive care for as long as I need to in order to maintain the quality of life that I have been given as a result of my treatment with Dr. Crespo.
I recommend without reservation to any patient or friend that I come across that has complaints of back or neck pain that they seek out a consultation with Dr. Crespo.
Daniel McCarthy, PA-C

I came to see Dr. Crespo in June. I was barely able to walk from the lower back pain and had cancelled 2 vacations because I was unable to sit long enough to travel. I finally went to a neurologist and found that I had stenosis and 3 bulging discs. I was very lucky that I saw a neurologist that was chiropractic-friendly and he suggested that instead of surgery that I try Vax-D treatments.

I was very skeptical and ended up finding Dr. Crespo. He can attest to the fact that I was not a believer in the beginning and honestly, was in so much pain that surgery actually sounded like a better idea. But I gave Vax-D an honest try and was a compliant patient, making sure not to miss appointments and eventually being able to do exercises that Dr. C gave me to do.

Today, I am a different person. I have no pain and am able to travel, work out with a trainer and live a full and active life that I thought would never happen again.

I continue monthly maintenance Vax-D sessions… I figure, why would I even want to take the chance of going back to the pain I was in.

Dr. Crespo is very informative and knowledgeable. He helped me understand what to expect each step of the way. Vax-D and Dr. Crespo gave me my pain free life back… I am a very grateful patient.


Lisa Sampson

I joined the United States Marine Corps in May of 2009 and was discharged in August of 2014. In my five year, 3 month time as an active duty Marine I did three combat deployments. As a young Marine I started to experience slight amounts of pain and discomfort that continued until the end of my service. These symptoms got worse and intensified as time went on. The doctors could not tell me why I was experiencing such pain. So, I learned to just push through it. Sometimes this included numbness from my toes to my knees during forced marches. In these occasions I could not show my pain because my Marines were counting on me to be the example to follow.

Once I was out I continued to exercise at a high frequency and intensity. I had no idea the injury I had sustained while I was active duty would have such a significant impact on me. At the age of 26 it took me approximately thirty minutes to get out of bed in the morning. Upon my realization of the reality of my condition I began to seek out professional help. When I met with Doctor Enrique Crespo he performed a series of tests of which he had good reason to believe I had some sort of damage to a disk in the lumbar region of my spine. After I received my MRI he was able to decisively diagnose a herniated disc between L4/L5 vertebrae.

At this point I looked back at all of the pain and discomfort I had experienced and it made since. At times I would wear gear that weighed as much as I did for extended periods of time in training and on my three deployments overseas.

Doctor Crespo’s recommendation was an intensive VAX-D regiment. I had heard about VAX-D from a friend and he said it improved his condition greatly. In fact he currently has no problems with his back after being in a brutal car accident that left him close to not being able to walk. So, I took Doctor Crespo’s recommendation and began 3 treatments a week. I worked these sessions into my schedule and saw improvements in my pain almost immediately. After 6 months of treatments I am now down to my monthly maintenance and I am fully functional. I can run, lift, exercise, bike, swim; I can do everything I could before except load my spine in weight training (for example barbell squats or shoulder presses).

Doctor Crespo’s treatments have given me my function back. With fitness being such a big part of my life I could not thank him enough! Hoorah!!!

As a personal trainer I was in pain even instructing my clients on new exercises or correct form. Now I am back to lifting and exercising and instructing my clients is a breeze!

Joe Boone

I started having migraines when I went through menopause. The pain in my head was debilitating and the visual auras and nausea would cause dehydration. My neurologist would give me shots in his office as well as various medicines to take (one daily). After 2 years, things got so bad that he started giving me a series of 2 shots a day for three days. I discussed my problem with Dr. Crespo and he started to do upper cervical corrections on me and it has made all the difference in the world.
I know that there is not a cure for migraines and that a person must learn how to manage their migraines. With Dr, Crespo's help I am doing just that. I no longer need a neurologist; instead I have a family physician. I do not take shots any more and I don't take daily medicine. The reason I was able to do this is because of Dr. Crespo's knowledge of migraines and his care. I will always have medicine for when I have a migraine but the medicine is low dose and Dr. Crespo is willing to work me in whenever I call ( a god send for migraine sufferers). I have gone to his office unable to think and with my eyes barely open and walked out with my eyes wide open and thinking normal. It is great to be normal and not drugged up. Thanks Dr. Crespo!


Cathy Breeden

I was a fairly active person before I started experiencing pain, burning, tingling and twitching sensations radiating down my left leg. Once the pain set in, it became increasingly difficult to perform day to day activities. Even more frustrating than the pain was getting the run around through different professionals. I went to two orthopedists, a neurosurgeon and a chiropractor, which led to minor temporary relief but then shortly, the pain would come back with a vengeance. I walked with a constant limp, hunched over all the time, could not sleep nor walk/sit for too long. Going through months of excruciating pain and becoming almost bedridden, it took a significant toll on my physical well-being and general attitude.

Just when I was starting to lose hope, fortunately, I was referred to Marietta Chiropractic Clinic for Vax-D treatments. Dr.Crespo did not want to start the Vax-D treatments until I got an MRI, which gave me reassurance with his method. The MRI revealed that I had two large herniated disc at L4 and L5 with a minor protrusion at L3. At the time, I was quite skeptical about Vax-D but there was confidence in Dr. Crespo’s voice and straightforwardness with his manner. Even though I could definitely feel a difference within the first two weeks of treatments, I was a bit discouraged with the little relief. Dr. Crespo reassured me that some patients may experience minor setbacks therefore encouraged me to be patient and stick with his Vax-D protocol. After fifteen treatments my pain was significantly decreased and I was becoming increasingly comfortable with each subsequent visit. I was on the road to recovery!

I am currently in my maintenance phase of the program. There is very mild to no pain depending on whether I exercise too much, but it does not even come close to what it was before. The prospect of being physically active and healthy once again is very exciting! Dr. Crespo is very knowledgeable and thorough with explaining what was wrong with my back and how to recover from it. I would definitely recommend Vax-D to anyone suffering with back problems or considering back surgery! There is HOPE!!

-Yasmeen K.

My name is Mark Pak. I met Dr. Crespo about five months ago through a friend. I was skeptical of Vax-D but decided to give it a try. Prior to deciding to go this route I had had a Laminectomy done some 20 years ago. My L3 and L4 vertebrates are almost bone on bone. I was at the point that I could not play golf, volleyball, football or any other sport without major pain. I'm only 45 years old, yet feeling 65. My pain was running down my leg and my butt cheeks which did not feel well. After some 40 visits to Dr Crespo and learning to stretch I feel probably 90% better. I can play golf and other sports with minimal pain only on few occasions. I must say, Vax-D does work and I would recommend it to others. It is not an overnight fix and you MUST stick with it to give it a fair chance, which I did, and glad I did. Quality of life is everything. Thank you Dr. Crespo for your time and support as well as GREAT RESULTS.

-Mark Pak

Dear Dr. Crespo,

I have been treated by many chiropractors and podiatrists over the years for chronic low back pain, neck pain, and various foot problems, including plantar facisiitis, due to years of long distance running and office work on the computer. None of these doctors, however, has been as effective in treating me for pain as you have.

I first came to see you after my last chiropractor moved away. Your examination revealed, among other things, that I had excessive foot pronation. You recommended that I try a different type of orthotic, called the Foot Levelers. I was skeptical at first, but my traditional orthotics were no longer functional, and I didn't want to return to the podiatrist. I decided to follow your recommendation. Within 4 weeks of wearing the new orthotics, combined with regular spinal adjustments and therapy, my posture improved, and my chronic low back pain resolved. I had almost forgotten how it felt to be pain free.

You also recommended, and provided me with, a water-based pillow, as I was experiencing neck pain upon wakening in the morning. I was amazed at how well the pillow, along with your chiropractic adjustments of my neck, resolved the pain.

After working intensely on the computer on various projects, I recently developed a debilitating pain in my right shoulder. Although I finished the projects, I was unable to continue using the computer mouse with my dominant hand due to the shoulder pain. I was concerned that I might have to have surgery. You diagnosed my condition as a repetitive motion injury and impingement syndrome due to overuse, bad posture at the computer, and poor ergonomics. You advised me to rest my shoulder, apply Orthogel frequently, and make some changes to my work environment and habits. At the same time you aggressively treated my shoulder with non-intrusive electrical stimulation, heat, and chiropractic adjustments, and you gave me therapeutic exercises to do at home with a latex band. After several months, the pain resolved. I was amazed at the results. As a preventative measure per your instructions, I continue the exercises, take scheduled breaks from the computer, use ergonomic devices, and I learned to use my non-dominant hand to share the workload.

While on a recent fishing trip I injured the index finger of my non-dominant hand in a boating mishap. The finger was forced all the way back with about 30 lbs. of torque. It was extremely painful, and it swelled up, then became numb. You x-rayed it and determined that it was not broken. You diagnosed it as an acute sprain and treated it with ultrasound. You advised me that this type of injury takes time to heal but that I should make a full recovery. At the insistence of my concerned family, I sought out the opinion of an orthopedist specializing in hand injuries. He read your x-rays, confirmed your diagnosis, and confirmed everything you had told me. He recommended physical therapy, but you went beyond that and provided me with specific therapeutic home exercises, including a rather unconventional one involving kneading Playdough with the hand. As a result of your treatment and therapy, the swelling and numbness have subsided, the range of motion has improved, and the finger is healing much faster than expected.

Thank your for being such a good doctor. I appreciate everything you have done for me, and I highly recommend you to anyone. In a word, you are amazing.


Troy L. McPherson, Jr.
5 stars

Because of the VAX-D treatment that Dr. Enrique Crespo has given me I am blessed to be able to now wake up in the morning, and get out of bed without the pain and stiffness that I had experienced for many years. I am now able to work as a Hair stylist, all day on my feet, shop, and drive and end my day without the back pain that I used to have. Two years ago I was diagnosed with degenerative discs in the lower back. I was experiencing extreme pain in the lower back as well as stiff middle back and sore neck muscles. My legs frequently hurt with pain shooting down the back of both legs. I was tired a lot, didn't sleep well and always with pain day and night.I came to Dr. Crespo more than a year ago for regular chiropractic treatment, but did not follow through with his recommendation of treatment with the VAX-D program. I was a non believer. I tried a multitude of other treatments that left me with recurring pain and debilitation. I tried two different orthopedic surgeons who treated me the usual course of options: the cortisone shots, physical therapy, exercise, as well as nerve burning and pain killers. These options were very expensive and didn't give me the results I prayed for. I hurt more after undergoing those treatments. My pain was not yielding to anything. I tried acupuncture; some temporary relief for a day or two. Then I would return to work and the pain and same symptoms returned at the end of each day.Dr. Crespo would not give up on me. He sent word to me through my husband that he would give me a free test session to try the VAX-D. I reluctantly came back, willing to try anything that might work. I came and the pain went.After the recommended thirty five VAX-D treatments, I am a new person. Dr Crespo has worked a miracle on my back. I can do everything that I want to do and feel great; especially playing with my grandson. I am reasonably pain free and enjoy coming in only for maintenance treatments. My final word is that Dr. Crespo knows his stuff and truly treats me and my husband like family. It really is a family affair because we recently brought our pregnant daughter and 3 year old grandson in for a course of adjustments. Again Dr. Crespo did a super job.

Sincerely, Colette Barnes
5 stars

I am a 44 year old construction worker. I have suffered with low back pain for about the last 5 years. I am not sure what initially brought on the problem, but over the last few years I have been treated by a chiropractor that only gave me temporary relief. The pain always returned.

My doctor sent me for an MRI, which revealed a 9mm herniated disc at the L4-L5 area, and a pinched sciatic nerve. The pain in my legs was constant. The doctor told me that the only relief would be surgery and sent me to an orthopedic surgeon.

Then a friend told me about Dr. Crespo. I decided to begin treatment. After only 4 or 5 treatments I began to feel much better. The pain in my legs was gone for the first time in six months.

I have now had 24 treatments and am happy to say that I am totally pain free. I highly recommend anyone with similar conditions to at least try VAX-D. It has definitely worked for me. I am grateful to have found a non-surgical remedy for my condition.

Emilio S.

I remember that before VAX-D, there was PAIN. It was so intense that whenever I sat down, it would radiate to my right leg as well as my knee. My feet would quickly become numb. I tried to avoid anything that involved sitting and could not sleep at night because of the pain I felt. Because of this, I went to see an orthopedic surgeon. He suggested that my back pain was of a common type and that with exercise and weight loss, it would go away. So I started to walk on a treadmill. The worst part of that, of course, was getting on the equipment. I had to walk off the pain. I did that for a month and though it provided some relief, it was only temporary.

I then went to Dr. Crespo and had a total of 25 VAX-D treatment sessions. After 4 or 5 of these, the numbness in my feet was gone. I noticed relief of pain after 9 or 10 treatments and by the 20th, I felt so good that I honestly thought I didn't need any more. The physician there recommended that I do 5 additional sessions, and I have to say, that was the best advice that I had received in a long time. At the end of the last 5, my back pain was completely gone.

I am very thankful now that I did not have surgery as I have read about people who went that route and had no success. I feel that I made the right decision as far as treatment for my low back in taking VAX-D Therapy. I'm just glad it was there at a time when I really needed it!

Melissa K.
5 stars

For over eight years now I have personally experienced a back problem. My problem is complicated by a rather serious degenerative problem in both the L4 and L5 areas and results in persistent sciatica pain in my back, right hip and right leg into my foot. As a result, over the years I have had many tests and X-rays, as well as exposure to various forms of therapy. I have explored options with Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. Like so many others with my problem, I was advised not to have surgery until my problem worsens.

I recently learned of a new procedure performed on a machine called the 'VAX-D'. This rather sophisticated, computerized equipment actually stretches the lower vertebrae, taking pressure off the nerves and causing the disc material to decompress. A series of 15 to 30 treatments will often result in re-hydration of discs in many patients. While it may not work in every instance, I am convinced that immediate treatment of a back injury using VAX-D Therapy will result in a very high cure rate, with the worker returning to his or her job after only several weeks.

Unfortunately, because there is no VAX-D machine available where I live, I have to drive approximately 100 miles round trip for treatment. I have just completed my 20th treatment and continue to see improvement.

I have personally met other individuals who have been cured as a result of this treatment. In particular, one individual who actually had sciatic pain down both legs when he first started treatment. I saw him last Tuesday and he was finishing his 20th treatment. He said he was now well, and did not plan to come back. In my opinion, the difference in cost, time away from the job and overall results is reason enough to consider this treatment on a routine managed care basis.

Val I.

I sustained a serious injury to my low back at the L4-L5 level, in a work related accident. I was in bed for 2 weeks. I then started VAX-D treatments.

I felt it is important to note that I have been athletic my entire life, playing college level baseball and basketball. I have continued this lifestyle, keeping fit and staying active. My profession is that of homebuilder and renovator, so my work is extremely physical also.

My severe back problems adversely affected both my professional life and my ability to handle my job. I have put up with a lot of pain over the years, choosing to deal with it and do my best. When I couldn't get down on the floor to play with our newborn daughter, I knew I had to do something. Fortunately, my physician approached me about having VAX-D, and as they say, the rest is history.

It is not an overstatement to say that VAX-D changed my life. There are literally hundreds of everyday little things that I can now experience pain free, including wrestling and playing with my 2 year old daughter!

Jerome C.

I can now go shopping with my wife. Just a few weeks ago, I was in a wheelchair. I've had back pain for the last thirty years. My back got so bad over the past six months, that just standing to take a shower caused excruciating pain! I considered having surgery, but I put it off because I had friends who were still in pain after having back surgery.

While we were visiting my son in Florida, my wife saw an article in the Miami Herald for a new type of lower back pain treatment called
VAX-D. We called about it, and I then went to see Dr. Crespo back home and talked with him. I then checked it out on the internet and decided to try VAX-D. I'll be honest with you…I'm glad I did!

I could feel an improvement after the very first treatment. It decompressed the discs, which took off the pressure that was causing the pain. Now, I can walk! I get up in the morning pain free. I'm sure I felt like this before my back problems started, but it's been a long time. The other day I was out throwing a baseball with my grandson! It is really amazing!

Michel I.
5 stars

Before VAX-D, I had spent six months in a back brace that I needed special clothes for. I had a lot of difficulty walking, because of my back pain, and as a result, I had to give up a lot of activities. My physician told me that the only option that I had to get rid of my back pain was surgery.

I then started VAX-D treatments with Dr. Crespo. I had twenty sessions for about a month, following all of their instructions religiously in order to get the best results of the procedure.

I am happy to say that it has been over a year since I completed VAX-D, and my back pain is still gone. I feel like a normal person again, as I can now walk my dog, get up after a train ride as well as out of bed every morning with out any pain.

Even with these results, I remain realistic in that I know I am no longer 20 years old and cannot partake in everything that I once did. Nonetheless, VAX-D has taken away the fear that I once had of performing my everyday activities. Simply put, it gave me my life back!

Ms. D. Anderson

The pain that I was enduring was the most excruciating I have ever known. I could not stand or walk, and there was absolutely no relief! I could not enjoy my family or play with my kids and I was faced with a very successful real estate career coming to an end.

My doctor suspected a ruptured disc and the MRI confirmed it. I was quickly referred to a neurosurgeon because of loss of reflex in my leg and concerns of permanent nerve damage. "No way out of surgery", I was told. "What are the risks?" I asked. "Typical surgical risks: Death, Coma, Paralysis and Infection!" came the reply.

I resigned myself to the risks if it meant an end to the pain. But at the 11th hour a nurse friend contacted us, having heard of a wonderful new treatment called VAX-D. I couldn't possibly have been more skeptical, but considering the alternative, I decided to aggressively do the therapy for 2 weeks…

It worked! No fooling, I am pain free and back to work! DON'T BE FOOLED BY COPY CAT TABLES IF IT DOES NOT SAY VAX-D YOU'RE JUST WASTING TIME AND MONEY, ALSO MAKE SURE THE DOCTOR IS CERTIFIED WITH VAX-D. I am in a maintenance phase of the treatment and the wonderful staff at Marietta Chiropractic Clinic is assisting me in the exercises that I need to do to avoid this kind of injury in the future.

Thank you Lord! for VAX-D!

Tom Griffin
5 stars

VAX-D not only stops the pain but can also significantly improve the mobility of one's back.

"Dr. Crespo turned this whole experience into a positive thing. He explained that if I decided on VAX-D and it didn't help, I could always have the surgery but if I had the surgery first and it didn't help I might not be able to be helped with VAX-D. I started VAX-D the week of Thanksgiving and continued through the second week in January. I could feel myself getting better after the first treatment. I was able to continue working.

Now all my pain is gone and I no longer have the problem with my foot. I have full mobility and my whole body feels wonderful. I've actually started working out again. It was a wonderful experience from the moment I walked in."

Dr. Ugell

"The tests never confirmed that I had any of these problems. I became so depressed from my inability to take care of myself and function that one doctor even said my symptoms were a result of my depression. I was given anti-inflammatory medicine, which left me barely able, to eat causing my weight to drop. I thought I was dying without knowing why or what from."

"When I arrived at the VAX-D clinic, I hadn't worked for many months. VAX-D has given me back my life. If you have been told nothing can be done for your back problem, you should consider VAX-D. Don't wait until you are incapacitated. I don't want anyone to suffer like I did. I believe this treatment saved my life!"

Mr. Snead

In February I began to experience severe pain in my lower back that kept me from doing the simplest of daily activities. Prescription meds and physical therapy gave me no relief. Actually, the pain began shooting down my left leg. An MRI confirmed I had a degenerative herniated disc that was pushing on my sciatic nerve. A Discectomy was then recommended however, not wanting to have back surgery; I asked about alternative options. My orthopedic surgeon recommended to me Vax-D therapy she therefore referred me to Dr. Crespo for an evaluation to determine if I was a candidate for the VAX-D. After 30 sessions I am happy to say that I am back to doing most everything I was before. Vax-D under Dr. Crespo's care was very effective. Dr. Crespo was dedicated to making me better and went above and beyond to achieve that. I would highly recommend the Vax-D to anyone suffering with back problems and I would highly recommend Dr. Crespo. He is a very skilled, caring doctor who genuinely cares about his patients.

Elizabeth E.
5 stars