Amputation is sometimes necessary in cases of trauma — such as injuries from car accidents or military combat. Some medical conditions also progress to a point where amputation is necessary. People with vascular disease, diabetes, and even certain tumors may eventually need an amputation.

Residual Limb Pain

This type of pain occurs in the part of the limb that’s left behind often referred to as a residual limb — after the amputation.

At the amputation site, some people develop a neuroma. This occurs when a cut nerve ending forms a tiny ball on its end during healing or gets trapped in the suture line when the surgeon closes the incision.

This is not phantom pain, but pain originating from the residual limb. Poorly fitting prosthetics or limb bruising can cause residual limb pain as well. K-Laser is the Innovation in Pain Management which has been proven to bio-stimulate tissue repair while reducing treatment time and relieving PAIN!